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Super Early Bird

$ 129
VastStick Stand Alone Unit
16 MicroSD Card Slots
Expandable to 4TB
USB 3.1 Read/Write Speed
Grow as you Go

1TB + Early Bird

$ 399
VastStick Stand Alone Unit
1TB Data Storage Capacity
16 x 64GB MicroSD Cards
Expandable to 4TB
USB3.1 Speed

2TB + Early Bird

$ 649
VastStick Stand Alone Unit
2TB Data Storage Capacity
16 x 128GB microSD Cards
Expandable to 4TB
USB3.1 Speed



The Vast Stick is a unique, revolutionary and innovative data storage device.
The VastStick is a controller and driver unit that allows you to store enormous amounts of data storage capacity by adding up to 16 microSD cards of any size into the unit.
Before you make any assumptions…No it is not a SD reader and it’s definitely not a Flash Drive. We are using New patented technology that does not yet exist in the industry.
The VastStick works by reading all 16 microSD cards as 1.
The 9 main features of the VastStick are:



  • Expandable - Our technology can merge and amalgamate the capacity and speeds of essentially all microSD cards. The VastStick can hold up to 16 cards)


  • Compatibility -Designed to be compatible to accept any capacity size SD cards, or memory technology, and work with any Operating System.


  • Fastest Speeds- Our Technology has current transfer speeds of up to USB3.1 and the ability to eventually surpass current SAS4 transfer speed levels of 10Gb/s


  • Power reduction -power consumption function allows reading these sets of cards in rotation, reducing power consumption by over 95%


  • Fault Tolerance- raid-within-raid is built-in, with hardware raid, programmability, the device can be set to any raid within the device itself.


  • No data loss- the hot swappability feature allows you to never lose data, for example: if the device is set to raid 1, and a card goes bad, you can easily remove it and replace it without losing any data.


  • Versatile-the device can be configured to have the ability to increase read/write speeds as your needs grow.


  • Advanced Function with Speed- Input/Output Operations per Second will be over 200,000 surpassing even the fastest SSD's


  • Longevity- Lifespan is estimated at over 20 years for normal consumer useThese and many more features make the VastStick the storage device of the future.

Vast stick the advanced memory device recently release to the world.
It works with Nand-Flash Cards,  similar to flash cards used in SSD's the difference is with the VastStick, you can remove the Flash microSD cards.
Vast has incorporated patent protected technology into the VastStick that allows it to be your next generation data storage device.

The human brain uses dendrites and receptors to function on a microscopic level to process thoughts, ideas and emotions. We at Vast Technology Corp have taken that concept and applied it in our patented advanced memory technology process to make read/write scalable to over SAS 12Gb/s speeds as well as making read/write virtually unlimited in such a manner that energy use is reduced and data is placed in ways that better protect it.

MicroSd cards are inserted into the side ports, and once you have your cards inserted, your unit will initialize & format the group of cards into 1 storage device, this is a plug and play device, so this will be done automatically and this usually takes a few seconds. Once completed, you're good to go. Now you can use your unit at super fast speeds, and store your data securely.

Vast is Fast - Our technology makes it possible to reach read/write speeds above USB3.1, combines the speeds of all cards to read as 1 giant card, this could not be done before because of something called the bottleneck issue, well, we solved the bottleneck issue, its part of our patent protected technology,

it's Expandable, you can add more cards and increase your data capacity as your needs grow for more data storage.

Vast has Fault Tolerance. Never lose data, program your VastStick with Raid 1, where you have all your data copied twice in your VastStick, and just swap out any bad memory card without losing data.

Vast Power Reduction. The VastStick can operate using alot less power than a HDD or even an SSD, both HDD and SSD's heat up to extreme temperatures over long term use, heat can deteriorate Nand-Flash Cards inside SSD's and thus risk having data loss because of this. Vast technology has also solved this issue by reducing power by over 90% and in turn reducing heat by over 90%.

Who We Are?

VAST Technology is based in New York. The Corporation is an environmentally sound company that develops unique data storage devices that work to improve the current technology and ultimately replace it with something better. All members of the VAST Team are conscientious and are driven to make the world a better place.

What We Do?

VAST Technology Corp. is a technology company driven by solutions. Innovation leads the way and new ideas are what we produce. These ideas often result in superior products that advance technology. We continue to strive to innovate and develop beyond cutting edge technology.

Why Us?

VAST Technology is a small company with big ideas. Our size allows us the freedom to explore where larger corporations cannot. We are not limited by large corporation structure, and we can capitalize this by using our skills effectively to incubate products faster.


Our Goals

Reduce Heat By 90%

HDD's & SSD's produce heat, in a home, office or Data centers throughout the world. This heat must be offset by cooling that consumes more power. VAST SSFAD reduces this by over 90% in turn reducing costs and also helping to save our planet.

Large Data Capacity

VAST Solid State Flash Array Drive Units can expand storage to unbelievable capacities. Reducing the space required to house large data, whether it’s a home computer or a data center.

Reduce Power By 90%

Today’s HDD's & SSD's consume vast amounts of power, data centers consume 10% of the worlds’ power. Vast can reduce power by over 90%, in turn reducing costs also helps save our planet.

Fully Compatible

Our Patented Technology is compatible with existing infrastructures making it easy to transition. Vast Technology also maximizes performance on systems housing both HDD's and SSD's.

Unlimited Capacities

The VAST SSFAD patented controller allows you to expand capacity as your needs grow. Currently developed is our 128TB Vast Infini 3.5" Drive & a 512 TB SSFAD is under development.

No Requirements

The Vast SSFA Drive is plug and play in all major operating systems and does not require special software. Computers easily recognize the full capacity with USB or internal connections.

Built-In Fault Tolerance

Vast Technology Devices have raid-within-raid & can provide hardware raid, supports raid 0/1 natively & programmable, so our devices can be set to any raid configuration within the device itself.

Storage Revolution



VAST Corporation is dedicated to improving and expanding its patented technology. As other technology advances VAST is positioned to take advantage of the newest available. All of VAST components are readily available and prices for key components drop every 6 months. The increase in component capacity gives VAST an advantage because adapting is plug and play.

Innovation Skills
Creativity Skills
Designing Skills
Engineering Skills
Managing Skills





Tom Bainard

Equest Solutions
We have run and tested the Vast's 3.5" prototype unit with 25TB capacity, we were very impressed with the performance and transfer speeds. We are looking forward to testing the final version and then implementing the production version of these devices.

Sheldon Procter

Tech Net SD Ltd
We tested the prototype for 2 weeks that Vast Technology supplied to us and preliminary tests show amazing results. Transfer speed benchmarks were hit and we were very satisfied with overall performance. We are looking forward for the production unit.

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